Technology and Research

Technology and Research

What Research and Technology has been done to prove the effectiveness of Miron Violet Glass?

As shown in the above curves, and demonstrated by the Institute Fraunhofer in Munich, Germany, light in the visible range (~450 nm – 720nm) does not penetrate violet glass nearly as readily as it does amber glass. This behavior, observed in all transparent glass, is referred to as a “quality leak”.


An experiment conducted by the Institute of Dr. Dieter Knapp in Mittenwald, Germany (October 1997) stored some homeopathic ingredients for 36 days in both violet glass and amber glass. The results of this test help to demonstrate the superiority of Miron violet glass in energy preservation. The vibrant energies shown in photo B are what was preserved in the violet glass sample. The results from photo A, however, demonstrate the energy lost by storing the sample in amber glass.

The photos help show that storing substances in Miron Violet Glass, in particular: healing products such as homeopathic and flower remedies, tinctures, essences, energy-rich dietary supplements, essential oils, etc. has clear advantages in preserving energy, and importantly, efficacy.

Research by Prof. F.A. Popp and Dr. H. Niggli in 1997 – 1998 demonstrates that solar energy in our food is essential for our health. Solar energy in our cells can provide important information for the complex life processes taking place in our bodies, which can have a strong regulating and balancing effect on us. Dr. H. Niggli’s readings show that this solar energy is noticeably decreased by conventional packaging like amber glass, green glass, blue glass, aluminium foil, plastics, and other synthetic containers.

The photos below show the results of a test performed in 1997 by Dr. D. Knapp, in which Miron violet glass maintained and even enhanced the energy of a bottled spirulina sample over 4 weeks, unlike conventional packaging. The sample kept in violet glass exhibits a more dynamic energy field than those stored in amber glass or plastic, both of which observably lost energy in this time.


Scientific research of biophotonics in the field of food quality control, led by Professor Fritz-Albert Popp, is performed at the International Institute for Biophysics (IIB) in Hombroich near Düsseldorf (Germany). In the early eighties he initiated this research at the University and at the Centre of Technology in Kaiserslautern (Germany). Since 1988, Dr. Niggli has collaborated scientifically with Professor Popp. In the middle of the nineties he started biophotonic research on the quality of food stored in a variety of package materials.

Biophotonics, the study of light particles absorbed and emitted by living cells, has shown that the wavelengths of light transmitted through Miron violet glass are very important for communication between living cells. Recent research in this field has also shown that the quality of nutrition not only depends on chemical composition, but also on the content of light energy and the potential information that is provided in UVA and IR light frequencies. This fundamental bio-information plays a crucial role in the control of all vital processes. Biophotonic measurements show that food, ripe grain, plants and fruits (freshly squeezed or dried) for example, as well as any extracts from plants, like olive and linseed oil, are perfect suppliers of light energy; a transfer which is closely connected to optical memorisation within a biological sample.

While it is understood that high-class edible goods lose their quality during storage and age prematurely, biophotonic research on the quality of food, contained in a variety of packaging materials, show that the quality of ordered bio-energy of food stored in violet-glass, is significantly higher than their counterparts kept in classical containers such as glass or plastic. This, it is argued, is a demonstration that optimal protection of bio-information is obtained during long-term storage in violet-glass.

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