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ALL About Miron Violet Glass

Increase potency, freshen aroma, extend shelf-life.


In the kitchen:

Tea and coffee, sugar and salt
Herbs and spices, seeds and beans
Protein powder, rice and pasta
Oils, pickles, dressing and drinks
Dried fruit and nuts, fresh fruit and vegetables

In the bathroom:

Cotton buds, bath salts, and cosmetics
soaps, creams, gels and balms

Other uses:

Display it as a flower vase.
Use it has a lunch box or drink bottle 


Q & A USAGE  Is Miron violet glass dishwasher-safe? A....

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“ The ultimate high performance packaging”

Miron online is a online retail site based in Sydney, Australia, with the exclusive purpose of delivering Miron violet glass directly to consumers. Experience the results of Miron’s years of research for yourself.
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