The Secret

The Secret of Miron violet glass

How does Miron violet glass preserve food and cosmetics so effectively?

Even today, the same principles are widely used, not by blocking visible light, but by increasing invisible light. The antibacterial power of UV light (high-frequency invisible light) is often used to sanitise in medical and food preparation industries. IR light (low-frequency invisible light) is often used when the heating properties of light are desired, but the damaging effects of visible light are not acceptable.

Why then, is violet glass not used in all modern products? The cost of making glass that can block visible light is expensive, and often not deemed worth the investment for an inexpensive product that is used quickly. Manufacturers of high-grade oils and perfumes, however, often recognise the value of violet glass, and their customers enjoy the benefits of a product that retains its quality for much longer. By making Miron violet glass available for direct purchase, the power to better preserve their products naturally is now in the hands of consumers.

"The secret behind of Mieon Violet galss is..."

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